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In everything we do we believe in 
positive outcomes, we believe in positive change

The way we bring positive change is by delivering people-focused holistic best-practices.

We just happen to provide outstanding massage therapy & quality wellness products.

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People-focused holistic best-practice

Melbourne Medical Massage 
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Your session includes
  • health history & assessment
  • treatment plan
  • therapy & post assessment





 Targeted Treatment for Busy People


1 hr



Recommended Level of Assessment & Treatment


90  min



Advanced Assessment  & Intensive Treatment


2 hrs








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The Melbourne Medical Massage Way

• Australian-qualified therapists

• modesty maintained at all times

• individual treatment record

• clinical assessment

• results-focused treatment plan

• hygienic processes

• fresh clean linen every time ( others?)

• single-use organic products ( others?)

• slow, careful treatment

• therapeutic conversation

• just-right pressures & mobilizations

• HICAPS instant rebates

• Health fund receipts

• Gift vouchers & ancillary products

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Your Recent Comments

My goodness. Wow ! Your Qi Gong. Wow !


The Master. The Best. I played 90 minutes last week when the club physio said I'm out 2 or 3 weeks with a muscle strain - feel sharp and moving well.


Best massage I've ever had. Thanks for that.

Footscray West

I feel like a man again not an old bloke. It's the best my back has felt for years.  Makes you wonder how much ** ***** ****** said about my spine being out was even true. Its not just the money.

West Footscray

Great session, feel invigorated and relaxed


My massage didn't hurt and I cant feel my sore jaw at all. Its been a pain in the **** for years. looks like I  ****** wasted money on ******** therapists . Much appreciated.


Splendid remedial massage. I'll be back !


The way you looked after our son is so very much appreciated. He's much more positive and happier because he can walk up the back stairs by himself !" Thank you so much. God bless.


Everyone rates 5 stars. I want to be different like 3 but I have to say  6 like anyway I dont care cos I FEEL AMAZING  


I dont know how you do it. No back pain. The Master.


....The fisio poked me... and like 100 bucks ... You rubbed my sore shoulder and like normal again. but you gave epsoms for nothing and the stretch works to easy thanks

Ascot Vale

Magic man. I have sent a lot of people here and all them were fixed in one or two sessions. Nowhere else does that. Best in the business. If you have pain don't hesitate to book.

South Melbourne

I go everywhere else for 6 months. Dont go anywhere else.


Feel like i can take on the world btw wots this chee stuff? Kitten Confused 


2 hours is a great treatment length  best Ive ever had (played AFL for a decade) probably could have got another 50 games if i got one every week.

West Footscray

I had all sorts of stomach tests for months. Seems it was only a tight 'psoas' muscle. Outstanding treatment.Thank you.

West Footscray

Thanks Drew James Parker for this pic

bring a positive change to our thinking

Support the International Anti Poaching Foundation -

Looking forward to our next session already! You completely fixed my tight right shoulder which was hurting me and giving me a headache and sore jaw for over a week!


Was recommended to you on my mums and bubs Facebook group. Your reputation is amazing- i can see why. Thank you I was quite depressed and tired :( much happier now :) :)


Sorry Bev, mine was the best ever pregnancy massage ! Feel so warm and well.

Yi, Seddon


AT, West Footscray

Best ever pregnancy massage. More please! Thanks.

Bev, Yarraville

My first 'Medical' Massage. Thorough assessment and extremely targeted but surprising enjoyable treatment. 'Medical' has never felt this good. Where have you been all my life?

T.T Seddon

Soooo relaxed.... zombie.... arhhhh ...  zzzz

S.R Footscray 

Last six months I paid the Physio and osteo for 5 sessions each. They barley helped my back. I see you once and I'm back at the gym. 

So glad I found you on Google. Thanks



CH West Footscray

Coulnt put weight on my leg. Now I'm feeling mad relexed no pain.

Dogg, Newport

Extremely refreshed thank you so much. Exceptional face treatment while my back pain has vanished. Perfect !

R.S West Footscray

Thanks brother for a great preparation. Will share team pics, Go Aus !

GT, Melbourne

No way- 1 year of body pain- gone. How? I enjoyed everything about my treatment. I'm telling everyone - thanks so much !

B.D West Footscray

Warm, professional, holistic.

E.B. Kingsville

Professional. Knowledgeable.

M.M Western Suburbs

Best in the business   delivers 100%  every time.

GE Western Suburbs

I had terrible neck and back pain so I went to the physiotherapist for  3 sessions every week for 8 weeks but MY PAIN just got worse!

Found you on Google and booked a 90 minute Standard treatment that evening. By lunch time the following day my neck and back felt completely pain free and that was two weeks ago. 

I still feel angry about two entire months wasted at the physio who  stuck needles in my shoulders and then left the room.  My PAIN  just got worse.

I showed you where it hurt and after one session now it doesn't hurt !  Amazing, really terrific and I'm happy to write this recommendation for your clinic.

Thank you for my positive change. I tell people don’t waste months with physiotherapists who leave the room and just want your money.

J.A Ascot Vale

Stress at work had triggered anxiety and as a result I had not slept for a week. I visited Melbourne Medical Massage with very tight shoulders and back. The treatment stripped out the tension and this physical change allowed me to relax my mind and to finally get some much needed sleep.

Very grateful for the assistance to get back on track.

AZ, Hampton

Fantastic job- one of the best I've had. Like the holistic approach.

CH, Footscray

 I actually can't believe how much looser my shoulders and hips are... I've had so many sports massages over the years and always kind of dreaded the pain of them but this was a totally different experience - actually relaxing and enjoyable, but at the same time effective to release long term tension. The perfect combination!

AF, Windsor

1. Fortnightly patron for four years
2. You know you’re the best and I agree.
3. My comment: “As a Leader and CEO, ideas constantly GERMINATE so I come here to RECUPERATE”
4. I choose the best. Raise your prices - thanks mate, publish this and sign it:

O, Yarraville 

Quality remedial treatment.  See you in a month.


Thankyou. So. Much. The pain is gone. You are a magician- or very talented professionals.

KP, Sunshine

Great treatment... and I’m picky.  

AR, Kingsville

Thanks for helping mum's back. 

WL, West Footscray

I booked because you get good reviews.  5 Stars from me too.

 LT, South Melbourne

Authentic and true. 

PB, Seddon

Off work four days with bad back. Tried a physio who was very painful and tried to make me come back four times a week for the next month.  I only came here because my friend made me.  Treatment didn't even hurt – really cool but at the end I felt great...  really chilled out and my back was good again!  I worked next day and all week. I came back because its a really good way to chill out. Really good massage place. Don’t waste your money don't go anywhere else. 

MC Highpoint

... medical massage has been a great local find. I love the mix of Eastern and Western. No more Physio/Osteo/Chiro visits for me !  

MM, Footscray

I am 31 years and have been suffering from back pain since 2005 and shortly afterwards was diagnosed with chronic pain. Over the last 10 years I have had surgery, seen a couple pain management specialists, been treated by multiple physiotherapists, chiropractors and had regular massages from many different people but nothing seemed to help.
Since seeing Melbourne Medical Massage I have had a life changing experience in just 4 treatments !
Not only was I able to set the terms of when I would be treated, but they were able to take away my pain. I no longer need to have a hot shower to relieve the pain so I can walk and start my day, or stop what I'm doing during the day to stretch.
I am able to move pain free and I haven't been happier. They have given me the opportunity to live my life and I'm extremely grateful.  

KM, April 2015 Taylors Lakes

Wow - the most epic afternoon. Thank you for continuous impeccable service (and great conversation). A wonderful serene experience. I feel like new. Thanks ! 

MKM, Camberwell
Amazing experience- my hip has never felt this good and I have had a lot of other treatment. I will recommend for sure. Thank you for making me pain free.

RC Essendon

As always, a great job of “tuning” me up - thanks again.