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" ...   you know, when you stand by a waterfall, the calm breeze, fresh air, the strength of water ... that's the feeling after my massage  "
Tia, Sunshine

62 Adelaide Street ALBION VIC.
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Committed to positive change

Our holistic,  people focused approach and high quality wellness products deliver positive change to every client.


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Formally of 30 Eleanor St. Footscray

Local Therapy

62 Adelaide Street Albion Vic 3020

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You will feel right at home with us

We're here to help you make the most of your best asset, your wellness.

  • We will do everything we know to reduce your pain and improve free movement.

  • As well as improving performance, we treat chronic pain, stress & depression.


  • We have unique protocols for treating plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, restless leg and can actually fix ticklishness !


  • We can quickly affect long-term 'bad posture' -  humps, slumps, slouches, forward head carriage. And you will learn that 'Good Posture' doesn't need to be held intentionally.

After a thorough assessment we use specialist hands-on manipulation of the soft tissue of the body to produce therapeutic physiologic effects promoting your health & wellness

Each session is tailored to you

We use specialist low-pain versions of evidence-based remedial therapy, sports soft-tissue, myoskeletal, classic, deep tissue, clinical relax and lymphatic drainage massage.


We can combine powerful Eastern energy-flow acupressure, qi gong, tui na cupping along with a wide range of available traditional therapies.

Each therapy can be useful - each has a role



There is no better! i suffer from a family history of chronic neck problems and spent a countless amount of money & time at physio's & chiropractor's and Melbourne Medical Massage truly sorted me out fast. Always looks after my best interests not to mention a chat. Can't thank their services enough!

— NM, Essendon


Choose Expert Treatment

Your appointment includes​

  • Health History & Assessment 

  • Clinical Plan 

  • Treatment (best selected)

  • Take-homes

Fast +

Targeted Treatment for Busy People

Allow 60 mins


Regular ++

Recommended Level of Assessment & Treatment

Allow 90 mins


Advanced +++

Advanced Assessment & Intensive Holistic Treatment


Allow 120 mins


All major health funds accepted



    -   Highly rated Since 2011

    -   We listen to what you say

    -   Experienced therapists

    -   Great teamwork !

Low-Pain Effective

- Experience highly-effective long-duration low-pain treatment

Flexible Operations

-   Online booking & payment

-   Integrated Hygienic Processes


-   Instant HICAPS Rebates

Customised Multi-Session Programs

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Young Family

Break Pain 

Explain your pain

Is it sharp, catching, dull ache, does it take your breathe away, grinding, throbbing, lancinating, burning, does your skin hurt?  Pain is complex- but we will not tell you that your pain is in your brain ( its in your body!)


Let's break the chronic pain cycle. Our long-session, low-pain  holistic treatment treats you as a human being- not as an illness.

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Elite Athletic

Will you go next level?


Elite level - whole body in perfect sync. Tension across joints balanced, Qi channels open and calm mind one step ahead.


A calm mind has more time and  wider vision, and soft tissues are stronger and quicker - your next level.

Portrait of Beautiful Woman


Can you Find your Flow?

What is flow?


Its certainly not feeling blocked, stressed &  and clumsy.


Stress & pain block flow, from within us and to the outside world.



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Program Full until March 2022

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"  We are born to succeed, not to fail  "  Henry Thoreau


Ms. Theresa Ealdama

Inaugural Captain & Wide Receiver

Australian Woman's Gridiron Team

"The Australian Outback"

" After a quad injury during my first season of gridiron and deciding to tryout for the Australian team I turned to Melbourne Medical Massage to address my injury and to prepare me for the extremely tough year ahead.

Melbourne Medical Massage are very knowledgeable - they have a solution!

Its a great honour to captain Australia

IFAF World Championship of American Football, Langley, Canada

We accept major health funds

Medibank Private. BUPA. HBF. ARHG. AHM. Australia Unity, NIB ect...

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In everything we do we believe in positive change.

We're an independent remedial massage clinic, proud to be the favorite choice for locals, friends and visitors to book in for outstanding remedial massage treatment

Our clients range from medical specialists, to mums, grandparents, elite athletes, dads and kids

We deliver quality assessment and expert low-pain treatment within a calm and warm space that engenders an improved sense of wellness

It’s a friendly clinic filled with soft music, pleasing scents, warmth and calm.

Bright and early we deliver expert remedial, pregnancy, sports soft tissue massage and can incorporate powerful energy-flow acupressure to solve for chronic pain, stress and injury - and of course, to improve your performance and wellness.

Melbourne Medical Massage 

Positive change

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Positive change

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