Benefit from a personalised treatment plan selecting the very best from all our therapies.


Your Session will Include

  • Health History & Assessment 

  • Treatment plan (all therapies available)

  • Treatments

Best treatments

  • Remedial, sports, acupressure & cupping

  • A selection of organic spa treatments,

  • Reflexology and more!


Assessment & Treatment

We assess use hands-on manipulation of the soft tissue of the body to produce therapeutic physiologic effects and to promote health & wellness.


We combine  evidence-based remedial massage therapies, sports soft-tissue therapies and lymphatic drainage massage with powerful Eastern energy-flow acupressure, cupping and various traditional therapies.

  • Health Fund rebates

  • Proud WorkSafe healthcare provider

Health & Wellness

With wellness we take a holistic view. 

We may invite you to consult with a medical practitioner to rule out systemic health issues.

That underway, we focus on improving pain-free movement, increasing muscle strength and reducing stress. 

We treat injury, dysfunction and strive to make healthy people healthier

  • Increase pain-free movement

  • Reduce Stress



We cooperate with medical practitioners, psychologists, dentists and allied health & natural medicine clinicians


> improving pain-free movement
> assessing and restoring postural curves
> reducing muscle weakness

Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Myofascial Pain Syndrome is a common painful muscle disorder causing local tightness, tenderness, clicking & muscle weakness. 

Commonly seen also is referred myofascial pain such as headaches, back & hip, elbow & shoulder pain that may also result in tiredness.


Parasympathetic tone (Heal & Digest)

Raise parasympathetic tone (heal & digest) to reduce associated health implications of stress-  such as poor sleep, poor digestion, reduced immunity, reduced mental focus, cold hands and feet and a feeling of being 'switched on'

Common issues
back pain 
shoulder pain
neck pain
chest pain
lower back pain
stress posture
tension headaches
lack of flexibility 
shoulder pain
tingling fingers
knee pain
burning leg pain
catching hip pain
overall tightness


Massage Specialists
Remedial Massage
Clinical Orthopedic Massage
Soft tissue therapy
Professional Sports Massage
Energy-flow Acupressure
Voder MLD
Qi Gong
Specific Relaxation Treatments
Swedish Massage
Tui na Cupping
Myofascial Cupping


Indicated for
Myofascial pain syndrome
Muscle strains & Ligament sprains
Overuse pathologies
Stress posture
Thoracic outlet syndrome
Piriformis syndrome (causing Sciatica)
Tennis Elbow
Patella tracking issues

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