Core Values -

(What’s important to us )

Be Civil

We agree that behaving in a polite, punctual, respectful and honest way is the only way

  • We deliver 100% professionalism

  • We deliver what is agreed

  • We communicate clearly and honestly

  • We are generous in helping others 

Be Effective

We are only interested in therapy and mindset that actually works.

  • We find ways that help our clients, customers and team

  • We constantly improve: self & team

  • We look for patterns

  • We have holistic systems thinking

  • We produce great outcomes

Be Positive

We enter the room with a smile.

  • We have a positive, adaptable outlook

  • We have self awareness and self control

  • We have a habit of achievement

  • We take the time to celebrate milestones and success



Do small things well

Our vision to bring positive change to everyone inspires us to do the small things well

  • We have attention to detail

  • We ask “what can I do next?”

  • We intend to empathise

  • We are always learning and practicing

  • We are flexible and easy going

Melbourne Medical Massage exists for a very simple purpose
Bring Positive Change


Our core value drives every choice we have and every decision that we make.

It defines us as a unique team striving to only bring positive change.